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Eco-friendly Green EnergyAt Cleaning Fairies we are trying to protect the environment. We have a paperless policy, which means we are not printing unnecessary pages, actually we have not even got a printer. We do all our paperwork on computers, instead of letters we are sending e-mails and we recycle all of our bottles.

And from now on we will use more non-toxic cleaning products. They have many advantages:

  • Safe for the planet
  • Safe for children
  • Non toxic
  • Low/not irritating to skin
  • Biodegradable
  • Made from plants

All method products are 100% eco-friendly and made to protect our future.

Method - Bathroom cleaner - Eucalyptus mint Method - Daily kitchen cleaner - Clementine Method - Glass cleaner - Mint Method - Multi-surface cleaner - French lavender Method - Daily Granite & Marble - Apple Orchard Method - Wood for good spray 

We believe in green energy.

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