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Colour Code Green Colour Code Blue Colour Code Yellow Colour Code Red

We are following a colour code for cloths. Using colours will help to prevent any infection spreadings from one area to an other.

We always use a different cloth in every houshold and we would never use a used cloth. All the clothes are disinfected at 90°C before reusing them again. We use microfiber clothes made with latest technologies.

Green - Glass & Shiny surfaces

We are using green clothes for glass, mirrors and chrome surfaces in all general areas.

Blue - Bathroom & Toilet areas
Blue is the colour of the water, you will see us using blue clothes only in bathrooms and toilets. Although we are using different type of clothes for example sinks and for toilets they are all blue and we won''t use them in any other part of the house.

Yellow - Dusting
Yellow clothes are ment to be used for dusting in bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, corridors, etc.

Red - Kitchen
We are using red coloured clothes in kitchens or in areas realated to food and we are using cleaning products which kill harmful bacteria.

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